Prestec Retains Prestigious Investors in People Accreditation!

For 30 years, directors and managers at Prestec UK have recognised the critical role everyone in the team plays in achieving clients’ project ambitions and sustaining success.

To ensure people management and HR processes are engaging and motivating the team they use the international Investor in People Standard to regularly benchmark how they’re doing. The company has been formally accredited as an Investor in People since 2008.

In November 2017 an external assessor carried out the company’s first formal assessment against the rigorous new version of the Standard. It involved everyone in the team being given the opportunity to complete a questionnaire about working at Prestec, a review of HR policies and processes, including training and development and communication as well as interviews with a sample of directors, managers and staff.

Some of the company’s strengths identified through the exercise were how directors and managers:

- Have developed and shared a set of clear values which are understood and ‘bought into’ by everyone in the team. They impact on how people work in every facet of the business.
- Empower people to make decisions and act on them knowing they will be supported.
- Structure roles to deliver the company’s objectives whilst creating interesting work for people and achieving real team work.
- Develop people’s capabilities and encourage them to achieve their full potential.
- Ensure there is a focus on continuous improvement enabling people to suggest ideas and try new approaches.

As a result Prestec UK has been awarded formal Accreditation as an Investor in People until 2020!

The company’s Investors in People Assessor, Howard Jones, commented:

‘It was an absolute pleasure to meet and work with the team at Prestec. Directors, managers and employees in all roles share the same passion for ensuring they understand and exceed customers’ expectations.’

‘The company’s values are at the heart of everything it does - people are proud to be associated with its brand and the quality of craftsmanship achieved on projects. Employees are trusted and empowered, rewarded for achieving high performance and work together well to develop ideas and drive continuous improvement.’

‘Change is initiated, communicated and managed well across the business. People have confidence in directors and managers and believe the company is a great place to work with a sustainable future which will lead to further growth’. I look forward to working with the team in 2018 and helping support its ambitious plans for the ongoing development of its people/HR policies and approaches’.