Lavender Fields & Symonds House Care Home
Client: Summers Inman
Completed: March 2020
Duration: 9 weeks

WOW... What an amazing and rewarding job this has been to work on!

Prestec have been on site for 9 weeks at Lavender Fields & Symonds House completing a full refurbishment to the care home including installing new kitchen units, air conditioning, replacement flooring, redecoration and external repair.

Our operatives received a "thank you and leaving party" at the end of the job, organised by all of the lovely staff and residents at Lavender Fields & Symonds House Care Home. In which our operatives were extremely moved by and have stated it has been an absolute pleasure to complete these works for such an inspiring and thoughtful team of staff and residents.

Some of the team at Lavender Fields & Symonds House have been kind enough to provide Harry the main surveyor for this job with such fantastic feedback, see below:

Feedback 1

"Good Afternoon Harry, I wanted to drop you a message with regards to your team working within our home (Lavender Fields, Hitchin). The team have been and continue to be an absolute joy to be around. They are an incredibly hardworking team who are respectful to all of our staff and residents alike and the building. They have truly made a massive impact and continued to help our residents feel accepted.

The residents are truly loving having these men around who are truly making them smile and happy everyday they see them and always make them happy and comfortable and even confident in their own home. Your wonderful team has taken time during their work to get to know and understand our guys here at Lavender Fields, even helping them feel apart of the team by providing hats and hi-vis jackets for those of our guys who really do wish to be apart of their team. They have taken so much time to get to know their names, quirks and even having respectful and playful banter with these guys, which as young people unit they love! Whole Heartedly. Our team truly cannot be grateful enough to your guys hard work and efforts they continue to give, even when under pressure with our guys wanting to be so heavily involved. As a team here at Lavender Fields, we are honestly and truly so happy to have them around, they keep up our own moral some days with how polite and respectful they are, they constantly keep us updated and have worked so hard already in the short time they began to work on our site. As you may know, within our site this isn't an easy task due to the needs within the home, but instead they feel accepted and "apart of the lads". I honestly cannot begin to express how much we adore your team and what an asset they are to you, please do make sure if any work comes up you send them back our way once this is all done. It will be sad to see them go and this whole experience. Once again, thank you ever so much, you have such a wonderful team, you must be so proud of how amazing these gents truly are!"

Feedback 2

"Hi Harry, I would just like to say in our third week of building work at Symonds House, what a great team we have had working here. Bob, Barry and Steve have been brilliant!

Despite the upheaval for us they have made things easier by letting us know what's going on, being upbeat and chatty and interacting in a great way with our residents.

It could have been so stressful but hasn't been at all, thank you!"

Feedback 3

"Good Evening Harry, I have been compelled to message you with regard to your team working within our home (Symonds House, Hitchin). The team have been and continue to be an absolute joy to be around. They are an incredibly hard working team who are respectful to all of our staff and residents alike.The residents are loving them being around and have created friendships with them. The team have taken the time to get to know them all and their little quirks, along with all their names which is very uplifting for us all. We are all greeted daily by each team member and the residents greatly appreciate that, as do the staff. They have kept everybody informed of their progress and next steps which has helped to keep a very happy home. This isn't an easy task as many of the residents don't cope too well with change and disruption. Instead, these guys have made it all quite a fun adventure that we will all be sad to see end.

What an asset they are to you, please send them back for any future works!"

Well done Harry, Bob, Barry, Steve and the rest of the team at Prestec that makes this sort of magic happen!